Basic Joomla Plugin for Revive Adserver    
Product Information

Joomla plugin for Revive Ad Server helps to deliver the revive ad campaigns anywhere on your Joomla website.  Easy to install and integrate plugin that plays an imperative part in delivering ads using revive extension module. Supports JavaScript, Asynchronous JS, and IFrame Invocation Code. Monetize your traffic with the ultimate advertising extension for Joomla support all major ad types. Simply create the module of your choice where you would like display banners to appear on your website page using the revive programmed extension module for the selected invocation tag. Zones you set up in Revive Adserver are easily added within each module. All banner statistics are tracked within Revive Adserver’s dashboard as well as setting up and managing your ad campaigns.


Module Highlights

Advanced N banner Rotation
Auto-rotating banners carrying multiple advertiser ads is an added advantage. Banners will change automatically without page reloading in a set time interval and this increases the probability of getting more clicks and conversions for publishers.

Inline Video
HTML5 player for video helps deliver creatives on HTML5 enabled players over the web. The distinct feature of ads with this player is that the viewer has more control and interaction over the ads.

Interstitial Ad
Ads that take up the entire screen space of the host device are called interstitial ads. Interstitial image for the web, mobile offers an opportunity for both the publisher and advertiser to enhance their revenue. A close button on the right corner of the ad will be displayed, if the user wishes to end the creative immediately. The size of the file must be 150kb or below, so that the creative can load faster without any hindrances

Extension Module
In the module layout assign the module to anywhere of the website like Header, Form, Help, etc., Configure the module with Zoneid, Position, Invocation and module default settings.

Invocation Method
         •Javascript Tag
         •Asynchronous JS Tag
         •IFrame Tag
         •N Banner Tag
         •HTML5 Player Tag
         •Interstitial Image Tag

Compatible Ad formats
        •Image banner 
        •Text banner 
        •HTML banner 
        •HTML5 banner 
        •Interstitial banner 
        •Video banner

Supported Formats
       Image (Png, Gif, Jpg) 
       •Video(Mp4, Webm, Ogg)

User controls HTML5 player
       •Full screen/Exit full screen
       •Media Pause/Play
       •Player image display before starts to play the video and once user play video user can control

Plugin Benefits
   Easy to setup and customize
   Show ads on any module position available on your sites. Where to place your ads is an important decision.
   Flexibility to display your ads anywhere you want and the flexibility to display as many ads as you want.
   •Create custom modules to insert ads in Header, Footer, Sidebar or in site content.
   Many video platforms online use HTML5 as their default player. All the ad impressions and clicks can be tracked and reported
   Viewers get exposure to more advertisers on advanced banner rotation which increases impressions & increased revenue for publishers

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