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An Impression is counted every time when an ad is displayed to an end user. Publisher gets paid for every impression and clicks that takes place in the website.

If a user stays on the webpage the same ad will be displayed randomly until the user closes the webpage/browser.

Displaying the same ad to the same visitor is meaningless; here advertiser's ROI goes in vain.

Advanced Unique Impression & Unique Click is a Revive Adserver plugin, that provides Statistics Report for every Clicks and Impression that are performed by a visitor. The plugin runs maintenance for every hour in order to keep track of the Unique Impressions, Unique Clicks & Unique CTR.

Administrator can able to view the Statistics Report of both Advertisers and Publishers; Advertiser and publisher can also view their respective statistics report for a particular period by selecting the date range.


This revive adserver plugin will measure the reach and frequency of your ad.

How this plugin works?

The number of impression received by the ad in 1 hour will be stored in bucket table and later after the maintenance run the data will be moved to summary table.

Within this 1 hour no matter how many times the ads are served unique impression will be counted as “1”, until the next scheduled maintenance takes place (i.e. for another 1 hour).

At the end of 2 hours the impression will be calculated as “2” instead of 1(which includes the previous unique impression from the same user).

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