Advance VAST video ads plugin for Revive Adserver    
Product Information

Enhanced VAST video solution for Revive adserver compatible with 
VAST 2.0,3.0,4.0 & 4.1

Advance VAST video ads plugin is a standard for delivering video ads that improve the current video ad serving situation into an advanced, easy to use, and exceedingly information responsive module that can be effectively coordinated with all the adaptations of Revive Adserver including the most recent versions available. The plugin is an advanced version of VAST video ads with enhanced features to amplify the impact of creatives. 

An XML responsive system that empowers a steady dispatch design for advertisement across streaming video platforms.  The plugin also plays an imperative part in generating VAST tags for VAST 2.0,3.0,4.0 and 4.1. The module created within IAB standards to support inline/overlay/wrapper/skippable/video ad pod and video ad pod wrapper ads.

VAST supported ad formats and media types

Linear Inline Video Ad

            •Skippable Ad             
            •Companion Ad
            •Third party wrapper ads  
            •HLS support 
            •Ad Pod 

Nonlinear Video Ad

             •Overlay Image Ad        •Wrapper Ads 

Audio Ads

            •DAAST supported audio ads

Media types Supported

Video          •Mp4              •webM                •flv
Audio          •Mpeg            •Aac                   •m3u8


The module is designed to support and address the challenges faced by the previous versions of VAST. The support offered by the module in addressing concerns includes the following update made in the latest  VAST version. 

Separate video file and interactive file       •Mezzanine file   •Universal Ad ID   

•Server-side support              •Ready-to-serve files              •Ad Verification and Viewability Execution  

•Support for categories         •Conditional ad declaration       •New error codes         


VAST Version Comparison 

VAST 4.0

Module highlights 

The module abides IAB guidelines, supports delivery video and audio ads in a VAST complaint video player to intensify the efficiency of delivered ads.

 VAST 4.0

Tracking and Reporting

With respect to VAST 2.0/VAST3.0/VAST 4.0 and 4.1, our module is designed with advanced tracking and reporting. Tracking events get enabled based on vast version.

Tracking aspects

Create view Start Firstquartile  Secondquartile  Thirdquartile Completed Accept Invitation-Linear Accept Invitation Close Linear Time Spent Viewing/ Overlay view duration Fullscreen/Exit Fullscreen  Other ad interaction Progress/loaded Close linear Ad Expand • PlayerExpand Ad Close Player Collapse Minimize Skip Mute/Un-Mute  Pause, Resume and Rewind Skip Progress Close 

Reporting aspects

Report generated with Viewable, Not Viewable and View Undetermined event tracking.

  • Advertising VAST event report   

  • Campaign VAST event report

  • Banner VAST event report

  • Website VAST event report

  • Zone VAST event report 

Header Set Supported
Efficient operation with the HTML header set supports in VAST response. The following header sets are supported in VAST response.

•Identify  the device IP
•To know whether user or agent 
•Language accepted for usage
•Identify referrer 

Macros Supported by Plugin

VAST 4.0

Plugin benefits 

VAST 4.0

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