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The ‘Parallax scrolling ad Plugin’ for Revive Adserver helps deliver Parallax ad formats on mobile and display devices. Parallax ads are inline ads that show a piece of background image during a page scroll action. Parallax Ads use visual effects combined with 2D scrolling to create an illusion of depth and layers. They provide the viewer with a slick, stylish and elegant experience.

Parallax ad format for revive Adserver

The current breed of web user is attracted to anything and everything that is different and entertaining. This has driven marketers to find new and unique ways to reach and discover their intended audience.

By delivering the parallax ads using the Parallax scrolling ad plugin for Revive Adserver, marketers can expect more engagement time and a better click through rate, compared to the traditional ad formats.

The Parallax scrolling ads plugin also allows the advertiser to track the delivery and the performance of their ad campaigns.

Parallax ad interactions

  • Mouse scrolling or touch is used to visualize the effect of a parallax ad

  • By scroll, the user can navigate both vertically and horizontally on the web page

  • User can view the ad along with the publisher’s title in a same page

  • Impression and clicks  for the parallax ad  will be tracked each  ad delivery


  • Parallax ad formats are supported on most web and mobile browsers

  • Provides an interactive user experience that is both vivid and unique

  • Parallax ads intrigue the curiosity of the visitor and thus prolong the duration of their stay on the website

  • These type of ads stimulate user interaction

  • In-turn the Click Through Rate (CTR) has a reasonable hike

  • Advertiser can track the delivery and performance of their ads.

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