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Garritz International,the digital media agency; driven by data; with multicultural capabilities and strong Hispanic heritage. 


Founded in North America in 2011 and growing its presence since, including offices in America and Europe (Mexico City, New York City, Frankfurt, Denver, Dallas, and Prague). We started offering services to important clients in the finance, entertainment and healthcare industries. There was room in the industry for a transparent digital media agency to create unique insights and improve advertising strategies. As the digitalization process grew, we learned to deliver a wider spectrum of services. We started mainly focusing our offering on online media planning and buying solutions, with digital production(websites, banners, web apps) and social media services.Now we have expanded our services to big data management, insight empowerment, product development, data science, and medical technology development.


Business Requirement Plugin in Revive Adserver for DSP


To boost the Revive Adserver advertiser's to deliver ads over the real-time bidding exchange expands their reach far beyond and provides access to ads worldwide. An enhanced automated option to deliver engaging ad campaigns to third-party ad exchanges or SSPs. The best way to get hold of ad space in real time depending upon the request received from the other side of the operation. An efficient plugin with the best connection to Open RTB supported ad exchanges or SSPs.

Solution by reviveadservermod plugin


Advanced DSP plugin aid in delivering ads to the SSPs in the network. The real-time process of delivering right ad to the right audience for maximum conversion. With quantum leap targeting features, the plugin is an ideal fit for evolving Adtech space. Enhanced targeting features to amplify revenue and improve audience engagement in all the scenarios.


Enhanced reporting option where DSP are able to check the Reports date wise and also can filter reports by Today, yesterday, Last 7 days, This month, Last month, All Statistics, Specific dates.


Enhanced features with DSP Plugin: 

White List for Domain : Using whitelists to refine targeting to truly narrow down who marketers are reaching.

dJAX Solution : Plugin will have the option to add specific domains to target. This feature makes easier for buyers to update their DSP based Whitelist so their ads are delivered only to the Whitelisted domains. With a whitelist, advertisers can specify which sites and what ad placements they want their advertisements to run on.By using a whitelist, brands know ads will appear in specified, designated places and nowhere else.When marketers know ads are reaching the most qualified, specific audiences, they know they are getting a better return on their investment.Using a placement list as a whitelist allows only placements from that list in your campaign funnel. All other placements outside that list will be excluded.

Domain Reporting : Detailed Domain Reporting for the date wise reports and also can filter reports by Today, yesterday,Last 7 days, This month, Last month, All Statistics, Specific dates for the ad delivery through the DSP plugin.

dJAX Solution : By providing the Domain level report, help advertiser improve monetization with the domain reporting and insights. Advertisers get the best performance, so can improve campaigns or shift budgets to target the more successful domains.With the Whitelist for Domain and Domain reporting ,had improved monitetization with transparency that provides insights into the inventory coming from DSP Plugin so it can be valued appropriately, allowing them to set rules to filter out unwanted inventory and monitor incoming data.

Deal and PMP object :Private Marketplace deals are unique because they link the best aspects of traditional direct sales and programmatic.Invitation-only marketplace that provides publishers with the ability (through an SSP) to designate certain inventory and sell it to a select buyer or group of buyers with an emphasis on margin improvement for the seller.Defining explict list of deals eligible for impressions.

dJAX Solution : Traditional direct sales benefits include direct relationships between buyers and a publisher’s premium inventory, custom deals not available in open market, transparency and inventory quality.The main benefits are access to premium inventory at scale, brand safety and transparency. These benefits ultimately alleviate many buyer pain-points around inventory quality and scale since buyers know exactly what they are getting in regard to inventory, rate and scale.

URL Report of Displayed Ads : Display the advertised URLs in the statistical report so that advertisers can find all advertised URLs and its corresponding clicks and impressions.

dJAX Solution : The URL Report of Displayed Ads plugin for revive ad server can find the advertised website and notify it to the respective user. It will provide all the published URLs of the advertisement.The plugin will display the advertised URLs in the statistical report and when the user clicks on it, a pop window will appear and display the impressions and clicks of a particular URL.

HTML5 Banners : Build impressive display ads for your websites and advertising campaigns.

dJAX Solution : HTML 5 Banner Plugin for revive ad server is built using HTML 5 technology allows you create responsive banner ads that are adjusted with any screen or device.HTML5 banner ads reduce this number and сhances of getting errors that will significantly improve your banner production.When the modern browsers like Google chrome and Firefox had stopped accepting the flash content, the advertisers are not ready to use flash banners to advertise their products. And apart from that, the users have to install Microsoft silver light or adobe flash to access the animated banners.


Business Requirement Plugin in Revive Adserver for Site Variable/Value Tracking & Reporting


Plugin to track the site variable or value of a banner that matches with the ad tag site variable or value and provide reports for the same. The user wants to limit a banner delivery of the site variable ,the ad tag site variable matching the conditions should alone get delivered and the tracking will have to take place.

Solution by reviveadservermod plugin


Advertiser will have the option to add multiple tracking site variable/value pair parameters.Publisers will have their own option to set the tracking Site variable. Advertiser ads matching the publisher site variable parameters will alone be displayed.

The plugin will track the site variable or value of a banner that matches with the ad tag site variable or value and provide reports for the same. The report variables along with the value get generated as dill down format for the entities like advertiser, campaign, banner, publishers, and zones. The user to get the generate the report in csv file. 





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