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Revive mobile ad plug-in is a new generation tool which is used to deliver high quality advertisements in any mobile device. 

The online advertisements were common in the computer screen, but now mobile phones too can enjoy same high quality ads by using the mJAX mobile plug-in. The ad server plug-in is used to deliver advertisements to mobile phones based on the screen size and functionality of the device. Using mobile plug-in advertisers can connect with the audience faster at anytime and anywhere. Mobile ads will increase the popularity of the product and it will gain good website traffic.

Revive mobile plug-in will enable the access to digital and mobile services to users. Our product is been used by plenty of advertisers worldwide, media companies, and enterprisers are the main users of ad server plug-in. The mjax ads can be integrated into the online platform and in the internal infrastructure, and it allows the users to indentify the interactive offerings through rapid application deployment.

Characteristics of mobile ads

The display image advertisements will be delivered to the mobile directly through the ad server.

Our product supports website ads in the same ad server.

The ad banners will be displayed irrespective to the screen size and functionality of the device.

The targeting is done according to the mobile operating system and device parameters.

Statistical Report generation is enabled in mobile ads like website ads.

The ads can be targeted in any higher end or lower end mobile phones.

Users can select either text based or image based ads based on their priority.

The advertisers can send audience to their website. The customers who are using higher end models can enjoy pure picture quality like desktop provided that the website should not have flash.

 The advertisers can keep track on the impressions, clicks and conversions to verify the results of mobile ads.

Target features of mobile ads

The revive ad server plug-in has six targeting functionality they are

  • Handset Device Screen Size Targeting

  • Handset Manufacturer Targeting

  • Handset Operating System Targeting

  • Handset Model Name Targeting

  • Telecom Operator Targeting

  • Client Custom Profile Targeting

  • Client – Country Targeting

Prerequisites for plug-in installation 

The advertiser should posses an openx ad server installation. Plug-ins is not supported in openx hosted accounts. It was first supported in 2.8 version of openx and the other older versions do not posses such functionality.

Steps for installation

The mobile plug-in can be installed very easily in openx ad server, just follow the below steps for easy installation

Login in the administrator account by giving user name and password

Open the plug-in tab to view all the currently installed plug-in in openx installation.

Once the advertiser selects the desired file, it will be redirected to the plug-in screen.

Click install button which is present next to the item and wait for the progress.

The system will check the plug-in and install it in your device.

Once the installation gets completed the overview screen will have installed the plug-in.   

Functionality flow

The plug-in will allow the users to deliver image ads to mobile websites.

The admin panel will have a list of user friendly options that will allow the user to configure the ad display.

Admin has to choose the screen size before delivering the advertisements.

The advertiser can add desired banner and zone to deliver the ads.

Regular Price: $1,350.00

Special Price $1,000.00

Regular Price: $1,350.00

Special Price $1,000.00

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