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  • The video ads plugin for revive ad server supports ad formats support pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll, these ad formats...

  • VAST is abbreviated as video ad severing template; it is introduced by IAB to serve video ads in online. The universal a...

    Regular Price: $2,000.00

    Special Price $1,200.00

  • Smaato SSP Intergration plugin for revive ad server is an integrated mobile advertising platform. By installing it, smaa...

  • Google Adx Integration plugin for revive ad server is an integrated version of Google ad exchange platform. The plugin a...

  • Axonix integration plugin for revive ad server is a mobile advertising platform, where Axonix sends ad requests to the s...

  • Now it’s possible to deliver the html5 inline video ads in OpenX/Revive Adserver with this plugin. Without any Player ...

  • Advanced n banner rotation plugin for revive adserver will rotate n number of banners instantly without reloading the we...

  • The VPAID solution is part of a larger initiative to improve the liquidity of digital video advertising. VPAID opens a l...

  • Performance analytics plugin for revive ad server is used to generate a detailed statistical report with graphical chart...

    Regular Price: $1,800.00

    Special Price $1,500.00

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