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  • Deliver the advertisement in the targeted countries, state, city, postal code, latitude and longitude. ...

    Regular Price: €400.00

    Special Price €200.00

  • VMAP Video ads plugin for Revive Adserver acts as an addon for the VAST Video ads plugin; putting together a structure o...

  • VAST Video Ads Plugin for Revive Adserver supports VAST 2.0 and VAST 3.0. The plugin instructs the video player on how a...

    Regular Price: €2,000.00

    Special Price €1,200.00

  • HTML 5 Banner Plugin for revive ad server is built using HTML 5 technology, currently used by many top websites on the I...

  • Advanced N Banner Rotation Plugin for Revive Adserver rotates ‘n’ number of banners with specified time interval wit...

    Regular Price: €100.00

    Special Price €90.00

  • A supply-side platform or sell-side platform (SSP) enables web publishers to manage their advertising space inventory an...

    Regular Price: €10,000.00

    Special Price €5,000.00

  • DSP Plugin for Revive Adserver is used to purchase an online video, mobile or display advertisements from publishers thr...

  • REST API plugin for revive ad server is used to perform the remote communication between applications using the REST arc...

    Regular Price: €499.00

    Special Price €300.00

  • Mobile ads plugin for revive ad server helps display high quality advertisements on any mobile device. The plugin can be...

    Regular Price: €1,350.00

    Special Price €1,000.00

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