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Now it’s possible to deliver the html5 inline video ads in OpenX/Revive Adserver with this plugin. Without any Player support the inline video ads will deliver in both desktop and mobile phones and it allows the user to work with videos, music and animation in the website. It supports the following file formats like mp4, ogg, webm and it can support the below video Ad delivery methods.

-      Pre roll

-      Mid Roll

-      Post Roll


The pre-roll ads will appear prior to the video content, the duration of the ads will be about fifteen to twenty seconds. When a user clicks the video link he will get the commercial video before the original video content.    

Mid roll ads

The mid-roll ads will appear in the middle of the video content, this ad will pause the playing video, and the Ad will be delivered and resumes the original video after the duration of the Ad. The duration of mid-roll ads can be up to sixteen seconds.

Post roll ads

The post roll will be shown at the end of the video content, the duration of this ad is about ten to fifteen seconds.


Once the video ads get delivered in the web or mobile browsers and when the user clicks the Playing Ad, the advertisers destination page will be opened in new window and impressions, clicks are tracked in the revive adserver database.

Features of Plugin

  • No need to install additional player / plugin to deliver the Videos Ads.

  • It supports to deliver the video ads in both web and mobile browsers.

  • Clicks, Impressions and conversions are tracked for the for the reporting in Revive Section.

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