Maxmind Geoip2 MMDB plugin    
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Maxmind Geoip2 MMDB plugin for Revive Adserver is used to deliver the advertisement in the targeted countries, state, city, postal code, latitude and longitude. With the help of this plugin the advertisers can minimize their cost of advertising and also increase the click through rate as the audience are more relevant and pertain to a specific location.

Revive Adserver by default supports Maxmind GEOIP database (.dat extension). But by installing this plugin will acquire the Geo data from Maxmind GEOIP2(MMDB)

Maxmind geoip 2 mmdb

The database should be purchased by the Revive admin from Maxmind team support of GEOPIP2. Our plugin integrates the GEOIP2 Maxmind database with Revive and obtain the data.


  • Geo MMDB database was very fast and highly portable

  • With Geo MMDB the accuracy rate of data is high

  • MMDB comes with supported readers

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