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Data Management Platform (DMP) for Revive Adserver, an ideal solution to collect, organize and activate first-, second- and third-party audience data from any source, including online, offline, mobile, and beyond. DMP is a vital part in data-driven marketing and it allows businesses to reach customer with the perfect creative based on the unique insights obtained from the DMP. A DMP collects and organizes data from first-, second- and third-party data sources, and makes it available to other platforms like DSPs, SSPs, and ad exchanges to be used for delivering targeted advertising, personalization, content customization and much more.

What does a DMP do?
A DMP can collect unstructured audience data from sources such as desktop, mobile web, web analytic tools, CRM, point of sale, social, online video, and offline. This first-party data; data owned by the organisation and is collected directly from customers based on specific behaviors such as clicks, downloads, video uploads or video completions using the DMP Tracking pixel. Users extended details like interests sports, football, parenting, museums and travel or demographic information can be collected by integrating with Third Party DMP’s. Basically the DMP gets hold of the unstructured data and delivers a perfectly segmented, analysised, and updated data on a constant rate. The data can range from first-party to third-party data. With data make optimal use of marketing campaigns to achieve the best results.

DMP for Revive Adserver


Track Audience

The DMP tracking pixel generated in the plugin is placed on the site. The pixel is used for obtaining invaluable first party data; first-party data that is the data from own customers and collected directly from the user.

Import Third Party

Upload the audience details collected from Third party DMP’s into the platform by JSON, CSV or Text file formats

Audience Details

Audience data tracked and obtained form the site will get listed and uploaded for targeting the user. Audience list can be filtered by country & device type can also searched by device name, OS, OS version & browser.


Segmentation means to divide the users into parts, or segments, which are definable, accessible, actionable and profitable to have potential growth. Subdivision of a user into segments with similar characteristics such as location, interest, behaviours, device details, social behaviours.


Dashboard showcases the top 5 regions of audience report for specific dates based on the sites and visitors counts gets displayed in Geo Map. In additional the User device statistics details also displayed


Keep all data, without any storage limits, forever! which helps publisher to collect their first-party data and aggregate various dimensions of report for publishers to obtain the highest revenue for their ad inventory and website content optimization for attracting more user to their website.

DMP Operation

Adding Clients and Sites

Advertiser, Adexchanges, Adnetworks, Publishers, can register into the platform. Publishers can add the site and generate pixel tracking url for the respective sites. Advertiser, Adexchanges, Adnetworks can segment user data and import into their platform for user targeting in campaigns.

Publisher Site Visitors Tracking

Tracking pixel placed on the site by the publisher will start tracking users visiting the site. Information like Country, City, IP, Device OS, Browser and visited page can be tracked and stored in the platform as a new user by assigning a unique user id for every new user. Likewise users next visit, upcoming visit and behaviours will be tracked and stored.

Enhancing Audience

By Integrating or Importing the Third Party DMP data, audience data can be enhanced or new user will be added into the platform.

Segmenting and Audience Building

Once data is organized in the platform, the information can be used to build audiences profile for specific marketing campaigns by segmenting. Can segment the audience by data points Age, Conversion, engagement, Email, Height, Income, IP Address, Social Media etc., by applying multiple conditions for a period of time. Can update the segments often.

Export Audience

Segmented audience data can be exported from DMP platform in a CSV format and it can be imported into the Adservers, Adexchanges, Adnetworks platforms and targeted in the campaign audience targeting. For example, a retailer may want to target one particular ad to females between the age group of 18-34 while another may be focused on men who frequently buy shoes online. Regardless of who they are trying to reach, marketers, publishers and advertisers rely on audience segmenting to power their data-driven campaigns and reach the right consumers at the right time.

Ad Delivery

When a new user visits the website containing a creative, the browser sends an ad request to the ad exchange. The ad exchange will then redirect the ad request to the DMP and with the assistance of pixel tracker and unique user ID in the parameter the best suited ad for the visiting user will be delivered. The DMP reads its own cookie, or creates a new cookie, and then saves the user ID passed from the ad exchange along with its own user ID in the cookie-matching table.

If the sync is bidirectional, DMP makes the redirect back to the ad exchange by passing its own ID in the URL parameter. The ad exchange receives this request, reads its own cookie, and stores the DMP ID along with its own ID in the cookie-matching table.

Now, both the ad exchange and DMP have each other’s user IDs in each other’s databases. Adserver retrieve current user dmp cookie id from cookie matching table. if the cookie id match with targeted segment will deliver the ads.


Audience Statistics - It displays the last seven days audience stats, active users, return users, and Visitors count by daywise

User Statistics - Detailed audience traffic (Direct, Organic, Referral)

Regular Price: $15,000.00

Special Price $12,000.00

Regular Price: $15,000.00

Special Price $12,000.00

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