Anti Ad blocker for Revive Adserver    
Product Information

Product Information

Anti-ad blocker plugin for Revive Adserver is a crucial plugin that helps to curb ad blocks. A Direct Invocation tag blocked by ad block extensions is not a problem anymore.  The plugin is capable of delivering default revive ad banners when the ad blocker extensions are enabled in the browser.  

The configuration of the plugin is a onetime process and it will work perfectly for all below-listed browsers. This will ensure the delivery of ads after bypassing the ad blocker. This helps the publisher to recover lost revenue due to ad blockers.

The plugin available is capable of handling the browser extensions that prevent the display of creatives. 

Anti Ad blocker for Revive AdserverBenefits

  • Increases revenue for both the publisher and advertiser

  • Supports all the tags available in the Revive adserver

  • Enhances creative display options

  • Help recover lost revenue caused by ad blockers. 

 Note: This feature can be enabled to custom ad formats implemented by as custom service.

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