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AMP Ad tag plugin for Revive Adserver help deliver highly engaging, malware-free, and faster loading ads on mobile device web pages.
AMP being in short for Accelerated Mobile Pages, an open source initiative aimed at helping publishers improve speed and readability of their mobile optimized content pages. With the rise in smartphone users, most publisher site receives traffic equally from desktop and mobile device users. This has led to the adaption AMP based web page standards.

Very much alike the traditional HTML page advertising, publishers create a slot in the AMP web pages. This is where the plugin would identify the inventory and deliver relevant creative with the help of an Ad tag generated by the plugin.

How the plugin works?

AMP ad tag plugin for revive adserver

- Starting with an AMP page, publisher’s creates a slot on the page to display ads.
- Traditionally, this is done by inserting a snippet of JavaScript, but in AMP, publishers add an <amp-ad> tag to their AMP page for a particular ad network.
- When the user loads an AMP page, the <amp-ad> tag sends an ad request to the ad network.
- To return an ad to the AMP page, ad networks build an amp-ad implementation.

Compatible Ad formats via AMP

AMPHTML ads are flexible and dynamic, allowing for many creative formats

Image banner

Text banner

HTML banner

HTML5 banner

Supported invocation tags

- AMP Tag for JS
- AMP Tag for Asynchronous JS
- AMP Tag for Image

Plugin benefits

• Better user experience will result in higher conversion rates for publishers and advertisers

• AMP Ads are a faster, lighter, and more secure way to advertise on the web

• It is completely safe from any type of Malware.

• Advertisers can ensure a safe user experience and positive brand perception

• A considerable increase in user engagement with the ads

• Faster ads lead to higher view ability and therefore higher click-through rates, which ultimately leads to better ad performance

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