Advanced N Banner Rotation    
Product Information

Advanced N banner rotation plugin for Revive Adserver provides a sleek new feature for publishers.

Deliver multiple auto-rotating banner ads with Advanced N banner plugin. banner ads generally will change/rotate when the page gets reloaded but the installation of this plugin will rotate ads automatically without the page reloading. This feature enables publishers to display N number of banner and gain impression for each individual without any page reloading activity.

Advanced n Banner

Designed to enhance the performance of banner ads, the plugin also supports third-party ad tags for delivering banners. Multiple banners can be displayed in the same ad space; Apart from supporting third-party ad tags, the auto-rotating banners carrying multiple advertiser ads is an added advantage. Banners will change automatically in a set time interval and this increases the probability of getting more clicks and conversions.

Plugin use instructions

  • Create Zone and link with Banners

  • Enter refresh time in tag setting page after refresh text.  

Advanced n Banner

  • After entering refresh time click refresh button and take invocation code of “N Banner Tag” type and Place where you want to display.

Advanced n Banner

Plugin Benefits

  • Publishers can increase the ad impression rate.

  • Viewers get exposure to more advertisers

  • Increased impressions means increased revenue of publishers

  • Higher rate of conversion possibilities

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