Advanced DSP Plugin for Revive Adserver    
Product Information

Advanced DSP plugin for revive adserver, an enhanced automated option to deliver engaging ad campaigns to third-party ad exchanges or SSPs. The best way to get hold of ad space in real time depending upon the request received from the other side of the operation. An efficient plugin with the best connection to Open RTB supported ad exchanges or SSPs.

DSP Plugin for Revive Adserver is utilized to buy an online mobile and display ads from overall distributer sites. The plugin acts as interfaces for publishers with ad exchange platforms to sell their ad inventories. It benefits the clients by giving automated ad valuing and advertisement position. The advantage of DSP is the cost of the inventory is chosen consequently and the advertisement arrangement will happen without manual impedance.

Advance DSP

Advanced DSP plugin aid in delivering any particular campaign to an individual SSP or to all the SSPs in the network. The process generally involves a bid request from through open RTB (Real-Time Bidding) to DSP endpoint URL, then the request will be processed and a matching ad campaign will be delivered. It is based on specific targeting metric for best results and the highest bid campaign will be delivered to the ad space. All the process takes place within seconds without any manual interface, which makes the plugin one of a kind in delivering perfect campaigns for better audience engagement. 

Targeting functionalities

The plugin is a perfect tool if you are looking to deliver the right ad to the right audience at the right time. The real-time process of delivering ads majorly depends on delivering the right ad to the right audience for maximum conversion. With quantum leap targeting features, the plugin is an ideal fit for evolving Adtech space. Right targeting features to make things better for all the involved parties. Enhanced targeting features to amplify revenue and improve audience engagement in all the scenarios.

Geo Targeting based on

Country         City           Latitude          Longitude

Precise Site Targeting

Site Page URL    Site referral url        Page category     Content category  Producer category    Producer domain    Section category     

Content keyword

User profile targeting

User Gender      User Year of birth

Client side targeting

Device OS  Device Model   Device  Brand   Keywords   Connection type

The best in class DSP plugin supports various that can deliver enhanced performance for every delivers the campaign. They support all the objects that play a crucial role in delivering the right campaign to the right audience in real time. These objects determine the efficiency of ad tracing and inventory bedding for the user.

DSP Supported Objects

Bid Request Object    Bid Response     Impression Object   Banner Objectb  Site object   App Object   Video Object   Publisher object   Producer object

Content object            PMP object         Deal Object              Device Object    User Object   Geo Object

Supported Ad Formats

Banner Ad formats supported 

Image(Web,SQL and URL)   Text Ad   HTML Ad 

Video Ads 

Supports VAST versions from VAST 2.0 to VAST 4.1.

Linear Ads

Inline Video  Skip ad  Companion Ad   Third party Video Ads(Wrapper Ads)     Ad Pod   Mezzanine file supported   Ready to serve file supported   
View ability   Ad verifications/Conditional Ad

Non-linear Ads

Overlay Image   Third party Video Ads(Wrapper Ads)

DSP  Statistics

The plugin provides valuable stats of the delivered campaign along with DSP name, the total number of bid requests, and a number of bid response, winning response and winning bid. This statistical information is a part of the plugin the aid in delivering the best campaigns to the right audience which guarantee improved audience conversion.   

Advance DSP

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