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Product Information

The supporter banner ad plugin for revive ad server is used to provide zoom-in and zoom out options in advertiser’s ads. The plugin allows the user to display multiple ad banners in the publisher’s website.

The zoom-in options will work when the customer drags his mouse over the ad banner or during mouse hover action. This option provides an enlarged view of the advertisement.

The zoom-out option will be enabled when the customer drags the mouse out of the ad banner, this option will restore the ad banner to its original position.

The plugin provides following options,

Advertise here – it will redirect the user to advertiser’s website.

Refresh here – it will refresh the support banner ad unit.

Benefits of this plugin

  • The zoom in option provides a clear enlarged view of an ad banner.
  • The links provided by the plugin will redirect the user in a single click.

Features of this plugin

  • The plugin can serve following IAB standard sizes

  • 300 * 250 (Display one Banner)
  • 336 * 280 (Display two Banner)
  • 250 * 250 (Display one Banner)
  • 240 * 400 (Display three Banner)
  • 300 * 600 (Display Five Banner)

  • It also has many customizing options for changing border and background color.

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