Scratch off banner ads plugin    
Product Information

Scratch off Banner ads plugin for Revive Ad server allows the advertiser to create banner ads that can be scratched to reveal an underlying banner, usually a coupon or promo code.

Scratch off ads is nothing but two banner ads stacked on top of the other, displayed at the same place at the same time on a page. One is the scratch me banner and the other banner is the one that contains the coupon or promo code. Only the banner at the top will be visible initially to the user.

Once the plugin is installed, the advertiser would be able to create new type of banner as scratch off ads; upload the two banners, one banner for scratch me banner and another one for coupon code banner.  At the time of delivery, the ad tag is linked with the zone.

Scratch off banner ad

 If the viewer moves the mouse pointer and drags it over the banner, it would perform the scratch action, which in turn displays the banner beneath revealing the code.

There is also an option to display the coupon code banner after a specified amount of seconds if no action is performed.

This ad format supports for Asynchronous ad tag and JavaScript Tag.



  • Scratch off ads increase customer interaction with the ad

  • Viewers show increased interest in these ads compared to traditional banner ads

  • Provides an added visual appeal to the ad

  • Scratch-off banners induce curiosity among the user, thus in-turn help increase the CTR.

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