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Out-stream video ads plugin for Revive Adserver deliver video ads outside of in-stream video content. Out-stream video ads leverage the existence of standard display ad units to deliver a video experience. For example, a site visitor may view an article on a news website and a muted, auto-play video ad may load in a standard display ad unit.

Out-stream video ads will not be the main focus of the page and will not be rendered in a prominent video player. They are displayed outside of a video player and are delivered in articles, social feeds, between levels of a game, etc. VAST video, both internal and external third-party VAST tags are supported and Out-stream video takes part in a single unified auction along with other video formats.


Supported Out-stream Video Ad formats

  Desktop & Mobile Web Ad format

  Mobile application(Android & iOS) Ad format

Desktop & Mobile Web Support Ad format

   In-banner video

   In-article video

   Native video Ads

   In-feed videos Ads

Mobile Application Support Ad format

   Interstitial video Ads

   Rewarded Video Ads

   In-article video Ads(Like InpageVideo)

   Native video Ads

   In-feed video Ads

In-Banner Video


   Supports desktop and mobile web ad delivery.

   HTML5 video creatives triggered within a standard display banner ad on a webpage.

   Abides standard IAB banner sizes.

   Display banners are designed to run in-banner video campaigns.

   Videos will be displayed over the background image and the in-banner video as a display background image and video player.

   HTML5 creatives for in-banner video ads can be hosted directly in Display.

   The video will be played when the user clicks on the background image and the ad unit must be 50% visible to the user.

In-Article Video


   Supports desktop, mobile web, and mobile app ad delivery.

   Delivers display ads in the present module that can be handled with insight images.

   Ads with video-only creatives, which appear between paragraphs of editorial content, existing as a standalone branded message.

   In-article video out-stream format supports fixed display ad slots on both web and apps.

   When 50% of the ad unit is visible, the video automatically plays in a muted state and is automatically paused when out of view. An impression is counted on rendering the first frame of the video.

   Once the video is finished, the ad unit remains visible with an end card, which displays the last frame of the video and a "Learn more" button which clicks to the advertiser site.

   Some browsers do not allow autoplay video. In those instances, the poster image is shown and requires users to click to play the video

Native video Ads

   Supports ad delivery on desktop, mobile web, and app.

   Native video is a video that is uploaded to or created on social networks and played in-feed, as opposed to links to videos hosted on other sites. Native video formats are specific to each social platform and are designed to maximize video engagement (i.e. number of views), discovery and distribution.

   Components List View, Grid View & Recycler View are made use of for Android in implementing Native Ads within the application.

   Users will scroll through and see (muted) native videos auto-play in their app. Default muted videos where user can click Call to Action (CTA) at any point of the video.

   Video, when clicked during playback, will be paused, and once the video ends it will remain on the screen with a play icon, an option to view the video again.

    Video autoplay will commence when the ad unit is 50% visible and the impression will be calculated after two seconds of video play.

   50% in view is calculated as the rectangle’s size within the phone’s viewport. So if 50% of the ad is “on screen” it is 50% in view. This is also when our impressions tracker fires.

   If the user is viewing the video in feed, then the click can be tracked anywhere (but the privacy icon). When the user has tapped the video, and it expands, then the click will be tracked on the CTA

   Viewability standards may vary by agency, DSP and individual advertiser

Rewarded video ads

   Supports ad delivery in the mobile app.

   Fullscreen, non-skippable, short video ad formats where users will be offered rewards (virtual goods or in-app gifts) for watching full video.

   Video duration:  15-30 seconds.

   Supported Video format: VAST video.

   User must click to initiate the ad. Also, the ad must play audio automatically or be controlled by device volume settings.

   Most of the time video must support static end-card and a countdown timer display timer in the right corner.

   Support for VAST elements and attributes, including protocols, video MIME types, companion banners, and more is the same as interstitial video support. There are no fundamental changes to the video player.

Interstitial video Ads

   Support mobile app ad delivery.

   Typical full-screen ads that will take up the entire screen space of the mobile devices.

   Displayed at natural transition points in the flow of an app, such as between activities or during the pause between levels in a game.

   The probability of a user clicking on the ad is higher in interstitial ads; also a close button is available on the top right corner of the ad and the user can return to the app by clicking it.

   Supports: VAST inline ads, wrapper ads, media support includes MIME type video/MP4

   Supported Video tracking Pixels: video start, first quartile, midpoint, third quartile, and video complete.

   Maximum video duration: 0-30  seconds

   Tracking pixels or destination URL can also be tracked.

In-feed videos Ads


   Supports desktop, mobile web, and mobile app ad delivery.

   Video only creatives appear in the social feed without any additional styles or configuration like native video ads.

   Supports fixed display ad slots on both web and applications.

   Video automatically plays in a muted state when 50% of the ad unit is visible. The video will be paused when the ad unit is out f view.

   The impression is counted on rendering the first frame of the video.

   “Learn More” button will be visible once the video is over and upon clicking it, it will lead to the advertiser site.

 Plugin Highlights

Increase brand awareness

Increase impression by In-page or native placement of the ads. Also, increase users for your brand.  

Great value

Advertisers will be only charged only when someone views the video for two seconds or more because Out-stream ads are charged based on viewable cost-per-thousand-impressions (vCPM).

Easy to manage

The plugin enables you to create your campaign, enter targeting, select your video, add a logo with two lines of text, and you’re ready to go.

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