Why Retina Banner Plugin for Advertisements?

Why Retina Banner Plugin for Advertisements?


When is the last time you’ve used iPhone 3 or lower? If you are still using those, you might have noticed the pixels in the display when taking a closer look at your phone. Nobody likes blurred pictures, especially when the pixels are visible when the device is kept closer to our eyes. That’s when in 2010, Apple introduced ‘Retina Display’ which when seen at a viewing distance, the pixels are not visible to the naked eyes. iPhone 4 was the first device to had retina displays and soon Apple decided to make all of their displays ‘Retina’ . Be it, iPhone, iMac, iPods, Apple Watches and the entire apple products which had displays were created with retina displays.

Apple tends to see users’ problem as their own problem and works towards it to fix the problem. Now, the advertisements should also be made ready to meet the device standards. When displaying the advertisements in devices having retina displays, we should make sure we are using retina banner ads.


Why Retina Banner Ads?


Advertisements are meant to catch the human eye and make the user engage with it so that the click can be converted into a lead. The ad should tell exactly what it is going to convey to the target user. When using normal HTML banners in devices with retina displays, the chances of banner image ads becoming blurred or appear as pixels is common. To display crystal clear image advertisements, one should use retina banner plugin for revive adserver.  


It eliminates the chances of our image advertisements becoming pixels to our eyes. Retina displays are designed to make the pixels invisible to the human eye at a certain extent. The visible distance from a display never shows the image pixels in retina displays.


For our ad to appear in all the iMac, iPhones, iPads and all other devices, using retina banner plugin for revive ad server is necessary.


Retina Display is being marketed in various similar names by apple depending upon the devices and improvements made over time. Few of the marketing names include retina display, super retina display, super retina HD display, retina 4k display and retina 5k display. iMac Pro released on Dec 2014 supports 5k retina display. Now, when it comes to compatibility, retina banner plugin supports all kinds of devices with retina displays.


Retina is a name given in pure marketing perspective and not technically related. The pixels are not displayed to the users’ eye and hence the name ‘Retina Display’ was used. Now, Apple ships all its products with retina displays. Pixels per inch (PPI) are high in all the Apple devices with displays.


The pixel density and distance from which it is viewed by users are what the types of retina displays tell us. All the pictures displayed in retina screens are sharp and clear. You can’t spot a blurred image or pixels in the image. Thus, it is necessary to include Retina Banner Ads in Revive ad server to server advertisements in all Apple devices.


What about you? Would you like to serve retina banner advertisements? Or the blurred ones?

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