Video outstream for HTML5 & Video Js Plugin    
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‘Video outstream for HTML5 & video Js plugin’ for Revive Adserver help advertisers deliver highly engaging and interactive outstream video ads that overlays on the publisher’s webpage. Outstream video ads are played in web/mobile browser without player support as full page video overlapping the publisher’s website content.

With a background image and the video player on top as per the Tag settings, video can be delivered with/without “Skip Ad” option.

When “Skip Ad” option is shown and the user clicks the “Skip Ad”, Full page video would be stopped and the publisher’s webpage content would be visible. And if the User doesn’t click the 'Skip Ad”, publisher’s webpage content would be shown after the completion of the video

If there is no “Skip Ad” option, Publisher Webpage content will be shown once after the Full page video will be completed.

Video outstream for html5 and video JS player

Event tracking is done in the plugin  

•Start  •25%   •50%   •75%   • Complete     •Createview    •Accept Invitation       •Linear •Skip clicked  • Skip show            • Time spent etc.

The tracked data can be exported to CSV format.


  • VAST 2.0 and VAST 3.0 compatible

  • Responsive and  compatible with  both display and mobile browsers

  • Outstream video supports the following built in players with product- HTML5 player & Video JS player

  • Event tracking and reporting can be done with this plugin

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