HTML5 player for Video and Audio ads plugin    
Product Information

The ‘HTML5 player for video and audio ads’ plugin helps deliver creatives on HTML5 enabled players over the web. The distinct feature of ads with this player is that the viewer has more control and interaction over the ads.

HTML5 player for video and audio ads on revive adserver

Plugin highlights

  • HTML5 player enabled platforms can display the Video and Audio ads

  • Every Impressions and clicks get tracked accurately

Supported Video & Audio formats

-  Mp4
-  WebM
-  Ogg 
-  Mp3 (Audio)

  • New Invocation Tag as HTML5 Video Ad Tag.

  • HTML5 Video Ad Tag used to deliver Video ads and as well audio ads with player control.

User controls

-  Audio Mute/Unmute
-  Full screen/Exit full screen
-  Media Pause/Play

Player image display before starts to play the video and once user play video user can control

Plugin benefits

-  Deliver media rich and appealing creatives with this plugin

-  Gives the end user a sense of control actions over the ads

-  Many video platforms online use HTML5 as their default player

-  All the ad impressions and clicks can be tracked and reported

-  Adheres to the IAB standard ad serving guidelines

-  Easy to install and integrate with the latest Revive Adserver version.

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