Video and Audio advertisements on HTML5 players

Video and Audio advertisements on HTML5 players



In the online video advertising space, Adobe flash was once dominating the web player space. But soon the focus started to shift toward better solutions. One of the main factors leading up to this is the necessity of extra plugins in some browsers to access the video creatives. This triggered a shift in technology, where developers have started migrating to HTML5 since its official release in 2012. HTML ads, on the other hand, don’t need extra plug-ins to execute, but moving to HTML5 can seem code-heavy and makes for a daunting transition.


HTML5 player, what difference does it make?

HTML5 video is the most common type of integrated media player you find on popular sites, the reason being, it’s simple to integrate into any website and once there, it can be easily managed using built-in video tags. These tags give you more control over the video player so that it can better fit user preferences. An excellent attribute of an HTML5 video player is that it is supported by all modern browsers. This includes all current releases of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Safari. In addition to that, the player also supports video/audio formats such as Mp4, WebM, Ogg and Mp3.


HTML5 player for video and audio ads


Achieving HTML5 player video and audio ads with Revive Adserver

Engineered by, the ‘HTML5 player for video and audio ads’ plugin allows users to serve video and audio ads to users on most of the web publishers. By providing event controls on the player prolong the skip or bounce rate in an ad. New invocation tag would be added as HTML5 Video Ad Tag; HTML5 Video Ad Tag is used to deliver video ads and audio ads with the player control. It supports and adheres to the latest IAB Ad serving guidelines and also compatible with the latest version of Revive Adserver.


Compelling reasons to go for this plugin

Advertisers can deliver media-rich content with an amalgamation of video and audio creatives. Unlike the traditional video banners, end users get to enjoy more controls for the ads they see. This eventually opens up a platform to deliver commercials with fewer time constraints. Many popular publishers on the web support and adopt HTML5 player, which translates to better reach. As like the other plugin, the impression and click data can be tracked. The plugin adheres to the IAB standard guidelines; the plugin is very much easy to install and integrate with the latest version of Revive Adserver.


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