VAST video ads delivery with Revive Adserver

VAST video ads delivery with Revive Adserver

As a revive adserver user, one is often caught in the conundrum of trying to decide whether to embark on a video advertising campaign or stick to the traditional image and text ads or even if they do serve video ads they are not reaping the ROI they would have expected. This indicates that the powerful medium of video ads is not being utilized to its efficient level. To benefit from a lucrative ad format, marketers and website owners should know the technicalities of serving video ads


Adapting to the efficient VAST video advertising?

We offer a simple module for revive Adserver users with which both advertisers and publishers can enjoy the functionalities with a simple purchase.


VAST being in short for Video Ad Serving Template, helps to transfer all the information about ad from ad server to video player: the length and type of the ad (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll), whether it can be skipped or not, the target audience for the ad. VAST enables programmatic media-buying and powers ads with complex interactions. The specifications are designated to tackle the viewing issue. They separate video and interactive files to ensure the ad is served even by publishers with limited capabilities. The latest version of VAST 4.0 released by IAB in 2016 imbibed.


Types of video ads under a broad category


Video can be served in various environments and formats.


However, here are some of the ad formats that advertisers and publisher prefer to implement in their
campaign with VAST.


Inline ads (Pre-roll/ Mid-roll/Post-roll) | Overlay as | Companion ads | Skippable ads | Wrapper ads |
Video ad pods


Video ad attributes support with the plugin


  • Vast 2.0 and Vast 3.0 Linear and Non Linear Ads
  • Third party Video/ Wrapper Ads
  • Video ads which can be skipped
  • VPAID 1.0 and VPAID 2.0 event support


How the plugin serves its purpose?

The plug-in makes sure that the ad inventory slots get filled with the ads from the best ad networks. It starts by sending a request to the connected video ad- networks and waits for maximum response time, and if the request returns a valid response then it is taken further for bid auction. The bid auctions would be taken based on the eCPM and return the ads from own video networks


Compelling reasons to go for VAST video ads plugin


  • Adheres to the VAST 2.0 and VAST 3.0 guidelines specified by the IAB
  • Easy to install and integrate with the revive ad server
  • All players (JW Player, Video JS, Flow player) compliant with VAST are supported
  • Capable of displaying third party ads
  • Track video response and ad engagement
  • Reports can be generated and exported in Excel format


Here are some related plugins both stand alone and aiding modules


Video ads plugin for revive Adserver


As seen above this is a plugin very much similar but with a few notable features. The video ads plugin for revive adserver supports ad formats support pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll, these ad formats can provide higher CTR rate when compared with display ads. It also supports companion ads which are used to deliver graphical or text format ads. The companion ads can be placed anywhere on the website even the user can combine the companion ads along with video ads.


The video ads support MP4 and MPV file types, and when autoload option is enabled, the video will start playing immediately when the user visits the web page. The plugin can be delivered with custom features as an on-demand service.


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