Target Right Users at the Right Time with ReviveAdServerMod

Target Right Users at the Right Time with ReviveAdServerMod


Let’s say you want to buy a pair of shoes. You’ve searched it online and wherever you go online, visiting sites or play around in mobile apps, ads about shoes start appearing like a magic wand in almost everywhere online. This is because of contextual advertising. The cookies in the browser takes care of your data in a very complicated way and keeps the data in servers and serves the advertisement to the right users at the right time.


With Revive Ad Server, you will be able to add the plugin ‘Contextual Advertising’ which takes care of all the targeting things. Artificial Intelligence is what drives technology in an exponential way and the plugin serves the advertisement in a perfect manner.


Targeted Advertising


Whether you want to target the users based on age, location, sex, interests and all other metrics, contextual advertising plugin is the right choice for revive ad server. When the ad is served to the right target audience, it is obvious that the conversion rates will be higher. This is true in the case of the plugin. You can expect higher conversion rates and aim for better as you get along.


Cost-Effective Solution


When you invest in CPC ad campaigns or CPM ad campaigns, if the ad doesn’t target the right audience, you’re going to lose a lot of money with online advertising. The rate of conversion will be very less and hence there’s a need to consider targeting right audience for clicks which has true value. Because we can all know for sure that the user is actually interested in particular topic / subject / product. We can create budgets based on the conversion rate of our ad campaigns.


Relevant ads are effective in making the user engage with it especially if the user hasn’t found a solution for his problem yet. Those ads don’t annoy which is a positive way serving the advertisements and make the most of it. For example: You have a site or blog which gives information or products about sports. You have placed an advertisement code and when some sports enthusiast or somebody who’s interested in sports can be served with sport-related products / services in the ad section of the page.


This is found to be the most effective way in making the user engages with the advertisement content and help convert traffic into leads.




The installation instructions of contextual advertisement plugin for reviveadservermod will be provided and support is also provided. After the step, you will be having hard time managing analytics because the traffic starts flowing towards you with no extra effort. You will get leads in no time and you’ll be happy each and every time seeing the spike in analytics. Whether it is traffic, sales and leads, all will be growing along with your business. You’ll also have to find a quick solution to scale as you start growing bigger.


If you haven’t downloaded ‘Contextual Advertisement’ plugin yet, that’s what you need to do first. Grow your business with targeted ads.

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