Self Signup For Advertiser with all permissions (    
Product Information

 “Advertiser can create their own account without depending on admin”

Admin is the super user of OpenX ad server, he has the power to create, delete and manage the accounts of all users. But the default process is the little time consuming for new joiners, so this drawback can be rectified by installing Self Signup for Advertiser with all permissions ( plugin for revive ad server. Because the plugin provide self-registration for all new publishers and advertisers, with the help of this mod the new publishers and advertisers can display their own banners and can manage their accounts individually.

For every new registration, the user has to deposit certain amount to become an advertiser in the network. The payment will be made through and PayPal services. If desired the admin can disable the payment option or he can able to reduce or increase the amount as per his needs. The plugin provides sample amount of account management options to advertiser, the options are stated below.

Features of this plugin

  • The plugin provides following options to the users

  • The users can Create, edit and delete the campaigns and banners.

  • Users can activate and deactivate the banners.

  • Options to manage banners and delivery

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