Self Sign-up for Advertiser with Paypal Integration    
Product Information

The revive ad server was used by plenty of users worldwide; it maintains three main login sections for admin, publisher, and advertiser. The admin is a main user in the ad server and he has the rights to create a login for publisher and advertiser. But this process is considered as a major drawback of OpenX or revive ad server because many publisher and advertiser will be waiting to create their account in the network so it consumes more time.

This drawback can be rectified by installing self sign-up for an advertiser with PayPal integration plugin for revive ad server. This plugin provides self-registration to advertiser and publisher, the link for registration will be available in the home page of OpenX or revive ad server.

When the user clicks the link it will take them to the registration page and from there they can provide the details and become the member of the team. But for becoming a publisher or advertiser the new user has to pay a certain amount to the admin.

The payment process is powered by PayPal, using that gateway the new user has to pay the amount. The admin can set the amount as per his requirement; the plugin is completely user-friendly and provides a number of options for new user and admin.

Advantages of this plugin

  • The admin can save his valuable time by allowing new users to create their own account.

  • The admin can earn money whenever the new user joins in his network.

  • Easy installation and provides faster access.

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