Advertiser SignUp( With All Permissions    
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In revive or openx ad server the admin has only privilege to create the account for the advertiser but, this process is the little time consuming and tedious if there are many new users to sign up. This drawback can be rectified by installing, advertiser sign up ( with all permission plugin for revive ad server. The plugin will allow the new Advertisers to create their own account and get access to manage their accounts.

The account management options provided by this plugin are, Campaign Creation, deletion and updation Banner creation, deletion and updation Activation and deactivation of banner. During the time of self-registration, the new user has to pay the certain amount to the admin to become an advertiser. The payment process is powered by and the amount settled by the new user is customized by the admin.

Benefits of this plugin

  • The new advertisers can create their individual account without the help of the admin.

  • The plugin provides wide range of managerial options to the new advertiser.

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