Advertiser and publisher self-registration    
Product Information

The Advertiser and publisher self-registration plugin for Revive Adserver allows advertiser and publisher to create an own account without depending on the admin. Also the advertiser and publisher can login with their details directly without approval from the admin.

Usually in Revive Adserver only the admin has the privilege to create separate login sections for individual advertiser and publisher. The only drawback with this process flow is that it’s a bit tedious and time consuming little time consuming and tedious if there are many new users to sign up

With this plugin the registrations can be done via clicking the link “Signup” from the home page and the type of user can be specified in the registration page.

Plugins benefits

• Plugin provides a bit of independence to the advertiser and publisher on the platform
• The new users can create their own account and don’t have to wait for the admin to do it or approve
• This also levies some work load off the admin in account management front

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