Advertiser and Publisher Registration with All Permissions    
Product Information

Advertiser and Publisher Registration with All Permissions is a Self Sign-Up Plugin, Where a Publisher/Advertiser can self register themselves to an Ad Network/Ad Agency.

This Plugin reduces the effort of Admin in creating accounts for his Publisher/Advertiser Clients to their Ad Network/ Ad Agency.

Administrator can now make your Publishers & Advertisers to Experience Hassle Free Registration & Make them to Work Independent.

Special Features of this Revive Adserver plugin will be User Friendly Interface, Quick Registration Option (Limited Information Required for registration).

How this plugin benefits Publisher/Advertiser?

Advertisers can create/modify campaigns and upload their banner.

Advertiser can choose the website to display ads based on their requirement.

Publishers/Advertisers can manage their accounts themselves.

Publisher can create/modify his own ad space and select the ad that meets his requirement.

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