Self Signed User Authorization    
Product Information

The Self Signed User Authorization is a security plugin that lets administrator to approve or reject new user registration to make sure Ad network security.

User Approval by Admin for Self Signed Users

The Revive Adserver doesn’t have the option for self-sign up of advertiser /publisher by default.

“Make your Advertiser/Publisher Sign up Expeditious!!!”

In Revive Adserver, Manager will setup the login for Advertiser/Publisher with desired privileges from the options available in default.

Besides all, this Revive Adserver plugin works fine with all the version of Revive Adserver.

How this plugin works?

Advertiser or Publisher can enrol the business details and can choose a username of their own to login and a notification will be sent to the manager. Once the registration approved by the default manager advertiser/publisher can login to their respective account.

Self Signed User Authorization for Advertiser

Self Signed User Authorization for Publisher

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