Perfect Ad for any Joomla Websites – Advanced Joomla plugin for Revive Adserver

Perfect Ad for any Joomla Websites – Advanced Joomla plugin for Revive Adserver


Monetize your traffic with the ultimate advertising extension for Joomla support all major ad types. Best plugin in Adtech space with for delivering awesome ads on any Joomla websites that can engage audience and improve revenue; Joomla plugin for revive adserver. Simple to install and easy to integrate plugin that plays an imperative part in improving ad serving in any joomla websites. Advanced ad campaign settings for delivering ads that can considerably improve the operation performance without causing any major changes in the operation.


The plugin supports JavaScript, Asynchronous JS and IFrame Invocation code, these supporting features will enable you to intensify ad delivering operations by delivering the right creative to the right audience without any hassle. All the stats of creative delivery are tracked and displayed within the Revive Adserver dashboard and the dashboard also offers simple and easily manageable campaign controls. Best plugin for any Joomla websites, create modules on the website where display banners are targeted to appear on the website using revive programmed modules for the selected invocation tags. So many advance options offered by the plugin makes ad serving easier in the website. Set up zones, modules for banner and much more for deliver the perfect creative through revive adserver.


Joomla plugin advanced features


All banner statistics are tracked within Revive Adserver’s dashboard as well as setting up and managing your ad campaigns. Simply create the module of your choice where you would like display banners to appear on your website page using the revive programmed extension module for the selected invocation tag. Zones you set up in Revive Adserver are easily added within each module.


The plugin is simple and easy to set up; there is no requirement of technical coding skill for installing the plugin. Also, the integration will not affect your existing operation in any way thereby assuring a smooth and easy up gradation for your ad delivering function. Deliver and display ads on any module position that is available in the site, the placement of your ads are an important decision that will be totally under your control through the plugin. Flexibility to display your ads anywhere you want and the flexibility to display as many ads as you want.


This technologically advanced plugin is capable intensifying the ad operation to the next level. Some of the Ad formats that are embedded in the plugin are engaging to any creative that is to be displayed on the website. Also, the plugin supports latest image and video formats such as png, gif, mp4 and much more.


The Joomla plugin for Revive Ad Server helps to deliver the revive ad campaigns anywhere on your Joomla website. The plugin the following ad formats in built; advanced N banner rotation, inline video ads, interstitial ads. Also, more ad formats can be added to the plugin based on the requirement of the site. Ad delivering process can be made efficient along with delivering engaging creative in audience engaging formats.


Joomla  plugin for revive adserver supports some imperative invocations tags that can vastly improve the performance of ad delivery and placement of ads within the website. Some of the invocation tags supported by the plugin are mentioned here, HTML 5 player tag, N banner tag, interstitial image tag are some of the imperative tags supported by the plugin when it comes to delivering the perfect ads on the website. These features makes the plugin an mandatory one to have if you are looking for better revenue and improved performance in the advance digital space.


All the ad impressions and clicks can be tracked and reported with the advanced reporting and tracking features available in the plugin which makes it one of a kind in the evolving digital landscape. With the plugin it is simple and easy to create custom modules to insert ads in Header, Footer, Sidebar or in site content. Many video platforms online use HTML5 as their default player. Moreover, viewers get exposure to more advertisers on advanced banner rotation which increases impressions and increased revenue of publishers.


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