Sequential Advertising    
Product Information

The sequential advertising plugin for revive ad server is used to display sequential or continual ads in publisher’s site. These ads will be integrated one among the other and it will describe the product of a single advertiser.

When the customer visits the website he will find the first introduction ad of the advertiser and when he moves on in the site the ads will be changing but it will be a continuation of previous ads. Thus, this type of ad delivery will reach the customers faster and also describes the advertiser’s product in a better way.

The sequential form of advertising provides the good opportunity to the advertiser as he can display the continual ads in publisher’s site and can reach the wide range of customers.

Benefits of this plugin

  • The plugin helps the advertiser to provide the proper description about the advertised product.
  • The plugin delivers continual ads in publisher’s site until it reaches the targeted customer.

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