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Product Information

The publisher website may have one or more ad zones but, if the delivery limitation is exceeded in an ad space, the blank zone in the site will be maintained until a new advertisement is added into it. The empty ad space will not be attractive to the website visitors; to avoid it, the publisher can display a house ad or an alternative advertisement to the zone.

The pass back ad tags for revive ad server will replace the blank space with an alternative advertisement. The replacement will occur when a delivery limitation is exceeded or when the ad frequency for a visitor is reached and if the campaign is not delivered to the visitor.

The pass back ad tags act as a third party ad tags and monitors the clicks and impressions in the revive adserver and if any particular zone stops receiving the impressions and clicks, the third party ad tags are delivered to it.

Features of the plugin

  • The third party ad tag receives impressions and clicks like other ads.
  • The plugin also works based on the pricing model and delivers the ad when the floor price is less than or equal to the campaign rate.

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