Multiple Ads in an Email Zone    
Product Information

The ‘Multiple ads in an Email zone’ plugin for Revive Adserver enables advertisers to reach their audience through Emails.

How the plugin works

  • Advertisers can promote their products in Email, serving ads through Email/Newsletter.

  • It involves the type of display advertising where advertiser can serve image banners through mail

  • The best part is that ad impressions are guaranteed.

  • In Revive Adserver, we can have only one banner linked to the email zone while delivering the banner. But by installing Multiple ads in Email zone plugin, one can have the option to link more than one banner to the email zone.

Multiple Email ads zone for revive adserver


While delivering ads, the zone would choose a random banner linked to it and also by integrating this Revive Adserver plugin, advertiser can ensure maximum ad engagement.

Multiple Email ads zone for revive adserver

Click tracking when more than one banner linked with email zones

  • In email user can see the ads using email zone ad tag.

  • Click tracking and redirecting to advertiser website works fine.

  • Admin can configure global destination URL and would be redirected when there is any access in the Banner URL.


  • Increased ad engagement

  • Advertise multiple products

  • Guaranteed impressions

  • Simplified conversion reports

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