Banner Rotation Without Reloading Page    
Product Information

In general Ads will be rotated only if a visitor reloads/refresh the page but by installing the “Banner Rotation without Reloading Page” plugin, Ads can be changed one by one without manual refresh/reload.

This Revive Adserver plugin is designed for Publisher. The special feature of this plugin is, Ads will get rotated by itself and the Probability of displaying different Advertisers ads to the visitor will be an added advantage.

Publisher can display multiple banners in the same zone with in the user’s session.

Ad will be placed one by one in a queue and a timer can be set, if the timer for the ad is out next Ad will be called to display in the zone.

“Publisher can now easily generate their revenue!”

The ad will be displayed in the site after the content of the site gets loaded and so the page load time of the site will be reduced.

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