Retina Banner    
Product Information

  • "Retina Banner" plugin for Revive Adserver is used to display ads in devices that have Retina Display.

  • It displays pixels at higher density and with retina banners users can experience higher quality banners.

  • Retina display devices are categorized based on the window pixel ratio.

  • If the window pixel ratio is greater than “1” it will be considered as a “Retina Display” and anything with less than “1” will be considered as a “Non-Retina display”.

  • Creative size can resize shrinking the zone size up to 50% of dimension, so the end user pays more attention to retina banners.

  • It supports image and generic HTML banner types. For Generic HTML banner type ad delivery, we can show the third-party ads within the given zone size for retina images.


1) Banner Type Retina:

  • In banner types, a new option for banner size called “Retina Double Size” can be found.

  • By selecting this, the user can deliver retina images/banners.

  • Retina banners will be auto-linked to the zone if the particular campaign is already linked to the zone. Else, the auto-linking process wouldn’t occur.

  • After creating a retina banner, you can link that based on campaign or individuals.

Retina Banner

2) Generic HTML as Retina banner:

  • While creating banners, choose type as “Generic HTML Banner” and there’s a checkbox labeled as “IS RETINA” to select HTML banner as Retina display banner.

Retina Banner


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