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The best possible way to deliver mobile SDK creatives for Android applications with the aid of Mobile Ads SDK for Android applications plugin. Enhancing creatives for Android that can influence the audience in Android platforms in mobile devices. Deliver the best creatives on Android platforms irrespective of the device model. Simple and easy integration with the revive adserver is guaranteed by the plugin. Eclipse and Android studio libraries are used with file extensions .aar for android applications. 

android sdk

Plugin SDK features

android sdk

 Supported OS versions for Android

android sdk

 Supported ad formats

Designed with futuristic ideas the plugin provides options to handle the ever-increasing popularity of mobile campaigns. These are the ad formats that can be delivered inside mobile apps.
Image creative
Text creative

Supported Video Ad Format

Interstitial Video Ads  Rewarded Video Ads  Pause Ad Video (VAST Overlay)  Native Video Ads

Features for mobile Tracking

Enhanced targeting features allows you to deliver ads based on user interest and the probability of conversion is amplified with the advanced targeting features. Targeting is done based on the following criteria 

android sdk

Targeting functionality

Delivering ad to common audience results in wastage of ad impressions for the advertiser. To obtain an optimal CTR Click through rate, advertiser use device parameter to target their ads to the intended audience and make sure these ads are only delivered to a potential audience who might get converted to customers.

android sdk




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