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Mobile swipe cube ads are the most effective ad formats in the present technological trend. Swipe cube ads plugin for revive adserver enables you to deliver the most effective ad format without any flaws. As the name suggests the ad will be delivered in the form of a cube, with four surfaces delivering creatives. An ideal format for the people who are looking to deliver more messages through a single creative. As an advertiser, it enables you to transport a lot of information with a single advertising medium. Moreover, the plugin supports videos to be played on the cube page.


Swipe cube


 Plugin features

  • The plugin allows you to deliver  Swipe Cube is a Mobile Rich Media Ad Unit (300x250) that has a 3D effect when the user swipes the ad.

  • The four sides of the cube can be used for image creatives and a single face can be employed for video creatives.

  • The rotation is done automatically or by the user interaction, typically "swiping" action.

  • Touching the ad will bring up a destination URL in a new window. Several destination URLs (for all 4 areas) can also be created

  • The video starts automatically; The advertising format is integrated into the content (no overlay)

  • Landing Page — target URL the user go to after a click on a particular cube side

  • Enhanced ad delivery for mobile applications and mobile browsers.

  • In Ad delivery, User will be able to swipe the adjacent images which display like animated cubical transited images.

Plugin Benefits

  • Compatible with Mobile web browser and Mobile App.

  • The publisher can maximize the revenue in terms of Ad space can be less where the single ad unit could hold up 4 images.

  • Higher conversion rates compared to the traditional banner ads

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