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Side pop up video ad format plugin for revive adserver delivers videos ads on the bottom right or left corner of the webpage. Video ads displayed by the plugin engage audience attention and also will not disturb audience internet behavior. Initially, the video will be played without any sound and with a skippable option. Videos delivered by the plugin are engaging and increase audience engagement with the content. Moreover, the plugin delivers ads after the web page is completed loaded and then the video will pop out from the bottom part of the screen.

 Side pop

Plugin highlights

The plugin displays ads at the bottom part of the screen, either on the left or right side. Video dimensions for desktops will be 400x250, this ensures that the user experience is not hindered.

After the webpage is loaded video will pop up and start playing automatically without any sound.

The plugin provides the user to Play, Pause, Mute, Unmute and Skip options. The video ad will leave the screen once it is completely played.

Supported video Format by the plugin: MPEG, MP4, AVI, OGG, WMV, WEBM.

Compatible with Desktop, Tablet and Mobile browsers.

User can un-mute the video, along with the “skip-ad” option after the completed time duration fixed by the advertiser. 

Also, this plugin offers close button and the user is able to close the side pop up video ad.

The plugin allows a video file size of 3MB with the maximum length of 60 sec to be updated as an ad to be played. Also, Plugin offers Third-party link such as YouTube, Vimeo, and other third-party links and this is optional.

The advertiser is provided with an option to set Skip time as user can not skip the video till the skip time get over.

• Destination URL is provided which leads to landing the destination advertiser page.



  Increases brand visibility.

  Amplifies audience engagement.

  Adheres IAB regulations.

  Increased rate of traffic conversion.

  Improves brand creditability and visitors count.

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