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Product Information

Interstitial ad format for revive adserver delivers creatives in an engaging manner that are guaranteed to get audience full attention. This ad format is a combination of interstitial ads with the scrolling action of the user. The plugin supports the delivering of image and video creatives during the browsing session of the user. The Interscroller ad format is built responsively, adapting to full screen on all devices and orientations.


The plugin places the creative in a position that it will appear in between the page during the scrolling. The Interscroller format is revealed underneath the web page content as the user scrolls down the page. They are placed elegantly and will not hinder user experience in any manner and therefore will create a pleasant ad viewing experience for the user. More than 90 percent of the ad unit will be in audience view; it snaps and locks into full view.   

Creatives conveyed by the modules are inline, single unit full height scroll in ad format that uncovers as the client looks through publisher content. Different content highlights and video might be incorporated and interscroller image stacking happens to precede the unit entering the screen so no innovative resources are lost. Interscroller creatives by the plugin are responsive and compactable with mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

User & Publisher-friendly the plugin provides a natural introduction and dismissal of an ad through a simple swipe gesture. Full-screen or Custom Width Offers plenty of room for creative storytelling that makes your brand stand out. Complete attention brings your creative in the center of attention without being intrusive.

Plugin Benefits

  Simple, elegant and intuitive across all screens and platforms.

  Increases audience engagement and full ad view is guaranteed.

  Better brand awareness by reaching a larger audience group.

  Delivered creatives will be the center of attention.

  Enhances creative delivery and revenue.

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