IAB emoji ad format    
Product Information

The IAB Emoji ad format plugin for Revive Adserver comes under the category of Native ads. Emoji’s are small images that are mostly used in instant messengers and social media platforms across the globe. It can be from a face expression to any object or brand related images.

IAB emoji ad format

This type of emoji ads can be used by Native Android SDK or REST API integration.

Emoji ad specifications

A handful of branded emoji used in social communication and messaging environments, offers functions such as order a cab, order a pizza or watch a video, etc.

  • Recommended Dimensions- 20 x 20 (pixels) 

  • Recommended file size – 10 kb 

Emoji ad types

The collection of emojis and the styles they come in gets upgraded very often.

Here is a broad classification of the types of emoji ads

IAB emoji ad format

In most of the messengers and social media platforms these emojis are organized is a set of common categories

-          Smiley’s & People

-          Animals & Nature

-          Food & Drink

-          Activity

-          Travel & Places

-          Objects

-          Symbols

-          Flags

Emoji usage stats

  • In total, over 92% of internet population communicate with emoji.

  • Over 30% do it a couple of times a day. And 33.5% speak emoji several times per week

IAB emoji ad format






  • The popularity and the exposure to emoji has already been done in the emoji culture

  • Brands can utilize emoji to relate with the users by providing emoji in their own language

  • Emoji can be used to visually convey the concept and mood of the ad

  • User engagement with the emoji is bound to increase as it connects with the user

  • A number of researches have proven  that emoji improve the CTR of paid listings compared to listings without emoji

  • Emoji brings life to the otherwise boring and lengthy ad copy

  • Colourful icons provide a visual appeal and attract the viewer’s attention

  • Emojis help brands to showcase more personality with little effort

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