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The ‘IAB billboard ads plugin’ for Revive Adserver offered to display large size ad banner.

The IAB Billboard Ad is an oversized in-banner unit measuring 970 x 250 pixels. The Ad unit offers full rich media interactivity and the opportunity to showcase the advertiser brand.  

IAB billboard ads

Initially, the ad will be displayed on the publisher page. When the user clicks on it, the ad will move upwards, pushing the website content downwards and it expands into a  full-size advertisement along with a close button.

When the user clicks on the close button the ad would return to its original state with the ‘show ad’ button. Subsequently the website content also reverts back to its original position.

When the user clicks the “Close Ad” button, the ad will disappear, page content will be pushed up and a “Show Ad” button will appear.

When the user clicks “Show Ad” button, the ad will reappear, page content will be pushed back down, and a “Close Button” will reappear on the Billboard.

This Ad format cannot mimic any site experience, pages or designs. The ad is counted as an impression even when it is in a minimized state.  

The supported file formats are

• .gif    • .png• .jpg     •.swf


  • The plugin supports both IAB standard sizes and custom sizes.

  • The plugin provides user interactive ad delivery in publisher’s site.

  • As the ad does not close completely, the user can come back and view the ad again when he feels like it.

  • This format allows the user to hide the ad experience and then reopen it later.

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