Expanded Floor Ad format    
Product Information

Expanded floor ad format for revive adserver can deliver ordinary ads in an exciting way at the bottom part of the browser without any hindrances. The plugin is designed to deliver full-width creatives that expand with a single image and video. Automatically changing banner images at the bottom will grasp audience attention and once the user moves the cursor above the floor image then video creative will automatically expand from the banner. Deliver creatives without disturbing the user experience.

 Expanded Floor

The plugin is engineered to deliver ads on all devices (mobile, tablets and desktops) and the delivered creatives are very responsive in each device. The interesting part about the plugin is two images can be updated to floor image section. These two images will take screen position one after another, resulting in an ever-changing floor image section. Each image will be delivered with one destination URL. Upon clicking the image user will be redirected to the destination page.

Two images updated for expanding image creative will have the dimension of 300x250 that will switch between each other at a specific time interval. Moreover, the maximum video length allowed by the plugin is 60 seconds. This ensures that audience attention is not distracted at any point while engaged by the creatives. When the user loads the web page, the floor image will display on the bottom part of the web page that occupies left to the right side of the window. Without user interaction, one image and one video ad will be expanded then the video starts playing automatically.

The supported image format for the creative includes JPEG, PNG, and GIF. The plugin provides expanded video creative and floor image with a close button that is accessible to the audience. Also, the video has play/pause, mute/unmute, fullscreen options. Creative delivered by the plugin grabs audience attention without causing any discomfort to the user experience.

Plugin Benefits

  Deliver user interactive ads on web pages.

  Adheres IAB guidelines.

  Improves creative impressions and clicks, thereby enhancing revenue.

  Even closing the expandable ads, the user interacts with floor an ad which is not intrusive for the users.

  Keeping the ad on the screen longer to increase the chance of consumer engagement.

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