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Product Information

An enticing plugin for revive adserver, dynamic floor plugin deliver ads that are located at the bottom part of the page and are visible when the page starts to load. The plugin is designed to deliver ads that occupy the entire width of the browser with enhancing, interactive multimedia content. The plugin allows the user to interact simultaneously with the ads and web content. An active close button is enabled in the upper left corner; tapping the close button will collapse the web page Ad, displaying the page without ads.

 Dynamic Flooring

Plugin Highlights

The Dynamic Floor Ad plugin delivers ads that are located at the bottom of the page, filling 100% of the browser width with interactive multimedia content.

If the user scrolls or resizes the browser window that ad will automatically adapt accordingly, the ad is always visible and plays a vital part in increasing brand awareness.

Irrespective of the user interaction with the page ads by the plugin always gain audience attention to the same place. Supported image format includes JPEG, PNG, GIF.

An advertiser can upload up to 3 Images with one URL per Image as responsive of device targeted. Size of the Image is from the left side to the right side of the device used.

The plugin is compatible in delivering responsive ads on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile browsers and as of now, this format does not support video creatives.

Destination URL is provided which leads to landing the destination advertiser page. The landing page will be navigated when the user clicks at any of the ad space as well clicking to the visit site.


Plugin Benefits

  Due to its "sticky-effect," it stays in audience view and becomes an effective eye-catcher.

  Visitors to your site are confronted with your message in an appealing and inviting way and are encouraged to click through.

  Increase in brand awareness.

  Less intrusive than other page-crossing formats.

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