DAAST for Audio ads    
Product Information

  • In-stream audio advertising refers to online advertising when audio ads are integrated into streaming audio is played Internet users.

  • To serve ads to digital audio players, an XML-based format, DAAST (Digital Audio Ad Serving Template) is used.

  • DAAST is rooted in the same digital ad serving technology used in digital video. For developing DAAST was used as a model VAST (Video Ad Serving Template). The following ad types are supported:

◦     Linear Audio ads

▪     Linear Audio Ads are presented before (pre-roll), between (mid-roll), or after (post-roll) the audio content stream begins to play. In general, linear audio ads may play for anywhere from 15 seconds to a minute. A user may also interact with the ad using an audible response.

◦     Skippable Audio Ad

▪     Skippable Ads are audio ads which were skipped by user via skip control. DAAST supports the ability to implement and track skip controls.

◦     Audio Ad pod

▪     Audio Ad Pods are a set of sequential linear ads. Ad Pods can play before, during a break in, or after the content audio plays and function like a commercial break in a radio program with multiple ad spots.

◦     Third party Audio ads/Wrapper ads

▪     You can create third party daast ads with revive adserver

    • Audio ads can created by Manager or Admin

    • New Banner Type

      • Create new bannertype as audio ads

      Create new bannertype as audio ads

Zone type

Audio Zone

◦     Invocation code for DAAST audio ads

Invocation code for DAAST audio ads

DAAST audio ads

DAAST audio ads

◦     Tracking Events & Reporting

▪     Start

▪     firstQuartile

▪     midPoint

▪     ThirdQuartile

▪     Completed

▪     Mute/Unmute

▪     Skip

▪     Createview


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