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Countdown ads plugin for revive adserver provides you with an exciting option to change ad in real-time to countdown to a specific event. The plugin is engineered to display countdown ads just like any other search ad when they are triggered by keywords in the ad group. Also, the plugin provides you with an option to choose how far in advance the countdown ad must be displayed.

                                      Countdown ads

Usually, the countdown timer used on the websites increases the urgency, engagement, and sales of the product. Countdown ads empathize on some unique offer that is about to expire pretty soon. When users come across your ads frequently but are not getting converted then countdown ads are the perfect choice for pushing the user towards the final conversion step. Every single time the ad is clicked by the user it will lead them to the destination page.

The plugin offers options to configure the ads to the potential buyer several times during a short time frame. This drastically increases the chances of conversion and also will remind the user of the offer that is about to expire. In most of the cases, countdown ads are used for a big event or an end of season sale that is about to come to an end. A banner with a customizable option for fixing days, hours and minutes depending upon the sale closure. This customizable option offers admin ample opportunity to create a window of click by increasing the urgency of relevant buyers.

 Plugin highlights

Perfectly visible and readable countdown timer with days, hours, minutes.

Ad will be visible to a user based on keyword trigger and also will display offers pertaining to the particular sale.

Can be adjusted to the time zone depending upon the geographical location of the user and ad.

Count down available with respect to a global time constant based on accounts time zone.

• Triggered by keyword, the countdowns can be displayed in both date (yyyy/mm/dd) and time ( format, inclusive of 24hour time.

 Plugin Benefits

  Increase in click rate, this ads with an attractive offer and a live countdown get more clicks compared to the regular “boring” image ads.

  Increase in engagement, because the ads catch the attention of the viewers

  Increase in conversions by displaying banners to the potential buyers triggered by keyword.

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