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Product Information

Background branding video ads plugin for revive adserver, an ideal solution for delivering video creatives across devices without causing any disturbance to the audience browsing experience. Typically they will be playing in the foreground within the opacity limit, allowing the background of the site to be practically visible to the user. When the user interacts with the video it will be expanded to full screen delivering the actual video creative.

After the interaction, the video will be moved to the foreground of the site and at any point of the video, the user can close it. The plugin is designed to provide a close button on the screen, whenever the user feels to discontinue the video it can be done.

 Background video ads

The plugin delivers video ad format that is compactable with mobile, tablets and desktops. When the user loads the site page, the video will start to play in background translucently as well the preview will appear on the top center of the page. When the user hovers the mouse over the video preview, the count will start from 5 to 1 after which video creative will play in the foreground screen.

Close button will be displayed at the right top corner and the user can close the background video ad by clicking the close button. This background branded video ads will be user engaging and interactive will kindle the interest of the user to look at the background playing video.

Plugin Benefits

   Improved user engagement and better conversion results.

   These types of ads stimulate user interaction.

   This creates brand predominance in the viewer’s mind.

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