360 Rotating Cube Ads    
Product Information

An ideal ad format for Revive adserver, 360 rotating cube ad format plugin takes ad delivery to the next stage. The plugin is designed to deliver ads on all the six sides of the cube, inclusive of two video on two sides. An interesting and user engaging feature of the plugin is automatic rotation of the cube. This attracts visitors towards the creative that are displayed on each side of the cube. Also, the video ads present on two individual sides enables advertisers to transport more information to the user.


Plugin Features

Efficient 360 rotating cube ad units with a 300x250 dimension that is capable of delivering engaging creatives in mobile, tablets and desktops.

Supported image formats include JPEG,PNG and GIF files providing more options while setting up the ad campaign.

The plugin is designed to deliver six images at once or four images and two videos engaging all the six sides of the cube.

Each video updated on the individual sides can have a maximum duration of one minute.

The cube with ad will automatically rotate when the site starts to load, it can be images on all side or images and videos.

Video placed on the cube sides will start to play automatically whenever the side of the video is viewable.

Close button is provided on the top left corner for minimizing user hindrance. Also, user is able to click the video as desires by providing of Play, Pause,    Mute, Un-mute and Full screen buttons

Clicking the ad will bring up a destination URL in a new window. Several destination URLs (for all 6 areas) can also be created.

Plugin Benefits 

Compatible with Desktop, Tablet and Mobile browsers.

Publisher can maximize the revenue in terms of Ad space. Less where the single ad unit could hold up 6 banners.

Increase in engagement, because the ads catch the attention of the viewers

Adherers with IAB regulations.

Faster loading creatives for obtaining maximum impressions and clicks.

Engaging display of creatives that minimizes skipping of creatives. 

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