300x250-Video Unit Ad format    
Product Information

300x250-Video unit ad format plugin for revive adserver delivers enticing video creatives without the aid of any player on desktops, mobiles, and tablets. With close button and skip video options, creatives delivered by the plugin will be displayed only when there is an ad, meaning, the plugin delivers video creatives based on frequency capping and video creatives will pop up in-between user browsing session.


Plugin Highlights

  The plugin delivers 300x250 responsive videos with close ad and skip ad option on desktop, tablets, and mobiles. This video shows up in-between a browsing session when the user is online.

  Advertisers with the plugin can make use of frequency capping for ad delivering time interval. Depending on it, when the user is on the site video will pop up with the display size of 300x250.

  Videos delivered through the plugin are muted and the user can enable it and even can restart the ad from beginning. Once the ad play time is completed, the video will be removed from the screen. Destination URL is provided with each video and upon clicking it the user will be guided to the landing page of the destination URL.

  The plugin provides the user to Play, Pause, Mute, Unmute, Fullscreen and Skip options. User can skip the ad by clicking the "Skip ad" button and after the skip time over. An advertiser can set Skip time as user can not skip the video till the skip time get over. Also, this plugin offers a close button and the user is able to close the video ad.

  Maximum file size permitted by the plugin is 3MB and the duration of the ad can be 60 seconds. Moreover, the plugin provides options to link Third-party links such as Youtube, Vimeo and other third party links. The third part lining is optional.

Supported video format


Also, formats developed in the future can be included to support video delivery.

Plugin Benefits

  Improved conversion rate

  This Ad placement looks like a natural break for browsing users and minimizes the risk of frustrating the users

  Rich Video experience

  Absence of skip ad option in the initial few seconds of the creative encourages the user to continue with the creative.

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