How to build HTML 5 rich media creatives? Why to build?

How to build HTML 5 rich media creatives?  Why to build?

The online advertising industry is moving at a staggering pace, innovations and upgrades are happening like an everyday activity. HTML 5 rich media creatives are the happening trend in the industry. Engaging, interactive content for the viewer that attracts them towards the original source of the creative, rich media ads are an effective method to get 100% engagement from the user.


What are rich media creatives?


How to build HTML 5 rich media creatives?  Why to build?

As the name suggests the creatives embedded with all forms of media (video, audio, Macromedia flash, shockwave), they provide a window for the viewer to interact in a web page format.  They can appear in ad formats such as banners and buttons, interstitial and various over the page units such as floating ads and page take over’s. To present it a simpler way, rich media creatives uses all the available technology such as streaming video and flash to interact with the viewer instantly, the recipient engagement. Whatever may be the technology used by rich media, they exhibit the following characters

  • Improved animation options 
  • Measurable and scalable creatives
  • Better viewer experience
  • Increased Brand awareness
  • Audio and radio advertising supported
  • Higher viewer interaction

Rich media creatives are a boon to advertisers; it is a total package that is capable of keeping the viewer engaged. Most of the advertisers in the market are taking advantage of rich media creatives for introducing their brands, service, products and even special offers with an engaging and interactive video. When compared with the traditional banner creatives, rich media is a level up in every possible way.  The engaging user experience has made helped rich media to stand out from the crowd. How to build HTML 5 rich media creatives?  Why to build?  

There commonly used rich media creatives include, expandable, in-page, floating, pop-ups, interstitial/transitional, and takeover. I think you now get the picture of rich media creatives. HTML5 was introduced a couple of years ago, the HyperText Mark-Up Language has evolved at a decent pace over the years. There are several features of the language that allows you to run on devices specifically designed to consume less electricity.  WebPages created with HTML5 can easily adapt to different screen sizes, resolutions and guidelines. Advanced features of the modern-day gadgets can be made use of by HTML 5. For example, the location of a gadget can be traced back by making use of GPS in the device; geolocation is the name for it. HTML5 brings a lot of value from a developer’s perspective.


HTML5 rich media creatives


 How to build HTML 5 rich media creatives?  Why to build?


Rich media creatives are a way of making your HTML 5 advertising stand out.  HTML5 and rich media is a perfect marketing mix, they help in producing more effective, engaging, and sophisticated creatives. The past has witnessed rich media criticism, the major one was the size of the ad. The bigger the size, the longer it will take to load. Thanks to HTML5, and most importantly LEAN standards issued by IAB. They have ensured that performance of the ad is not an issue anymore. A rich media creative is not a tedious task if you are equipped with a proper Creative Management Platform [CMP]. CMP are a vital part of the industry, they help creators to unleash their imagination without the use of a single piece of code.  The idea of combing HTML5 with rich media creatives has changed the course of the banner advertising. Things have been made simpler and more engaging.


Why should one create a HTML5 rich media creative?

How to build HTML 5 rich media creatives?  Why to build?



Well, if you have spent considerable time in the above section then you are in the right place to proceed further. Without further ado, let me take you to the part that makes HTML5 rich media creatives talk of the hour.

  • Challenges creativity
  •  Improved Viewer engagement
  •  Improved CTR
  •  Best Mobile Ads
  • Dynamic creativity     
  • Broader Reach Video

Challenges creativity

A creator knows no bound to the imagination, well, welcome to the world of HTML5 rich media creatives. All the creators in the field are challenged, at the core of HTML5 rich media is creativity. A never-ending list of ad types is offered to use and scale across various devices. Designers and marketers are offered a chance to experiment with their ideas. This provides a great opportunity for designers to vary the type of content in the creative, mixing graphics with videos, or even more interesting is engaging the viewer with different types of HTML5 component. The new formats have changed the entire creative perspective, offering a lot of space to experiment and enhance.


Improved Viewer engagement

When placed on a scale viewer engagement and rich media content would weigh the same, there are clear stats from brands indicating the increased viewer involvement after implementing rich media creatives. When saw from the advertisers perspective it is an effective way of engaging the viewer and most importantly converting.  

Apart from engraining creatives, rich media can help a great deal in optimizing the creatives. A proper CMP can go a long way; it can help the advertisers by providing additional options such as heat maps to access the success of the creative design.


Improved CTR

Rich media creatives have increased the Click Through Ratio [CTR] by a huge margin.  When compared with the traditional banner creatives, rich media creatives have a whopping 267% higher CTR. “Banner Blindness” can be reduced to a great extent with the help of rich media ads; banner blindness is nothing but the viewer forgetting the content of the creative just moments after watching the creative. Moreover, during the early mid-nineties, traditional banner creatives enjoyed a hefty CTR because it was introduced at the time and it was a novelty back then but now things have changed a lot, both technologically and creatively.  A fresh rich media creative can leave a lasting impression in the viewers mind; it is a perfect platform for brands to make their mark in the competitive market.  


Best mobile Ads

It is not mandatory for a mobile ad to be boring, also the time spent on mobile phones by an average Joe is getting increased every day.  At present, an individual spends more than four hours string at the mobile screen.This means that now is the time to change mobile creatives. It is the need of the hour. Mobile screens are the place where you want your creatives to be for making a lasting impression.  Rich media can offer you both the end of the scale, meaning, it can offer you both exciting and subtle creatives. The point to be noted here is viewer engagement is improved without disrupting the activity.


Dynamic Creativity

It is a crucial part for the display creatives to maintain success rate graph, there are different types of viewers who will be interested in a different type of media content. The dynamic character of rich media content helps you to engage with a different segment of viewers in their proffered way with appropriate content for each segment.

A dynamic creative helps in serving rich media creatives that are enhanced by data.  It offers more relevant ads, automatically boosting the chances of conversion or CTR.


Broader video reach

As mentioned earlier there are various segments of the audience, every segment of the audience prefers a different media, some engage best with in-banner video and other with texts and so on. Rich media permits you to interact effectively with different segments of users, in a way they prefer. Video banners have become popular in recent times that too especially using video in-banner is getting more reach when compared to other formats. Video within display advertising is getting increased mainly because of the view response it gets.


The thing to look out for is, the viewer must be engaged with the video, it should not annoy them. It a narrow line that should not be crossed, HTML5 serves this particularly well for this purpose. When combined with video, HTML5 with the right tools and plugin can help in designing, scaling and publishing a very engaging creative.


Grabbing the attention of consumers is getting harder by the day, but with HTML5 rich media creatives you make your creative stand out from the crowd. Also in the case of mobile creatives, this can go a long way in making a mark on the industry. An everlasting impression created in the viewers mind, take advantage of the technology and push your way forward.

As the industry is getting more competitive by the minute, this is the right time for you to put the pedal to the metal. Well, we are here to give you the little nudge you need, get ready to mark your territory in the world of advertising. 

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