Header Bidding; Why is the need of the hour for marketers?

Header Bidding; Why is the need of the hour for marketers?


What’s the buzz about header bidding going on in the world of AdTech you may wonder.


Some might even ask “isn’t Header bidding and traditional RTB the same thing?”


Well, not exactly; you see Header bidding is different from traditional real-time bidding (RTB) auctions because instead of each ad exchange having their own auction, one at a time, at a much lower priority in the publisher’s ad server; header bidder allows all the ad exchanges to bid at the same time at the highest priority in the ad server.


How can this be imbibed for Revive Adserver?

The only way to achieve Header bidding functionality in your Revive Adserver would be with the help of a Plugin exclusively designed to provide you with just that.

Here’s a sneak peek on this awesome revive Adserver plugin


                                                           Header bidding plugin


 What it does?

The ‘header bidding plugin’ for Revive Adserver is one of the many ways through which publishers can obtain the highest revenue for their ad inventory. Earlier publishers relied on Publisher water falling: Determines the priority as to which partners are eligible to bid for the given ad placement. In simple words, water falling creates a bidding hierarchy amongst different Ad Networks Direct buy ads are given high priority over others like SSP partners, exchange providers results in less competition and lower overall CPM; which in turn affect the yields less revenue for the publishers.


How it works?


  • Publisher partners with a third party header bidding provider and implements the JavaScript code in the header of each page.
  • The code allows the header bidding partner to participate in every bidding auction on the site. So advertisers have more opportunity to bid on impressions and increase completion for publishers.
  • The highest bid from the header bidding partner is sent directly into the publisher’s ad server.
  • In the ad server header bidding partners can compete with all other demands sources including internal and direct buy sources from the publisher.
  • Highest bidder’s creative is displayed and the publisher can be confident that they have received the optimal revenue for their ad space.


Compelling reasons to go for header bidding


  •  Increased competition yields higher revenue for publishers.
  •  Either eliminate or enhance the existing publisher waterfall model.
  •  Header bidders are able to participate in each auction.
  •  Auctions are conducted in parallel with a cut-off time.
  •   Considerable decrease in the ad render time.



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